Sea of Thieves Season Two adds Fort of Fortune, Trade Routes, and other perks

A new season comes with new goodies.

Sea of Thieves Season Two

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Rare’s online pirate game Sea of Thieves began using a seasonal structure this year, and the game has already reached Season Two. With this large update comes a wealth of quality of life changes, along with a number of perks, rewards, and features for the Emissary Trading Companies.

It’s nice that the Merchant Alliance Trading Company is getting a bit more value and variety, and should players visit the Merchant Alliance Vendor at an Outpost, they’ll find a couple more things to do. For one, you can save a lot of time on supplying up by buying Resource Crates. Additionally, players can also go on Trade Routes by purchasing Commodity Crates and tracking the supply and demand for these materials amongst the different Outposts in the sea. Be smart and maximize your profit.

You’ll probably need those Resource Crates and a lot of firepower to take on the Fort of Fortune, a new and rare World Event that will have you fighting waves of skeletons and bosses. It will be worth it though, as the amount of loot you’ll gain from this long and arduous encounter will be paramount to anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll have to get creative to last through the fight — perhaps bring an Ashen Winds Skull and a Chest of Rage.

Players can also earn new rewards through their Emissary Ledgers — keep finishing up tasks for the Trading Companies as usual, and look out for Mysterious Notes from these companies. And as with any season, you’ll earn rewards for each level of Renown you earn towards your seasonal Plunder Pass — free rewards include Ashen Winds equipment, gambler-themed Lucky Hand clothes, and Ocean Deep ship cosmetics.

Season Two also includes some practical and useful additions. Defeating Skeleton Captains will produce Gold Pouches, which will instantly put gold in your pockets. World Events have gotten some balance changes as well, and scuttling Skeleton Ships will also produce seagulls above them to make their dropped loot more visible. But the main attraction has to be the Barrel Disguise emote you gain in the seasonal pass — be sure to watch out for any imposters when you visit an island, or even on your own ship.