Second Major Patch For Mass Effect Andromeda Releasing On May 10 At 9 AM Pacific, No Patch Notes Yet – Update

Bioware’s Michael Gamble has announced the release date of next major patch for Mass Effect Andromeda. The update will go live on May 10 at 90 AM Pacific (which comes to 12 PM Eastern). Sadly, Michael didn’t share the list of changes and new additions that will be made to Mass Effect Andromeda via this upcoming patch, but taking a look at the development team’s assertive plan (which was shared about a month ago) for updating the game to address some of the most common concerns of fans.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Patch Releasing On May 10

Here is a short list of issues in Mass Effect Andromeda that Bioware confirmed to be working on. We hope most of these issues are getting a fix via this upcoming patch.

  • More options and variety for character creator
  • General improvements to hair and appearances
  • Improvements to cinematics and animations
  • Improvements to the male romance options for Scott Ryder
  • Performance & stability issues
  • More free cosmetic items for single player
  • Build on the APEX missions for multiplayer
  • New maps, characters, weapons for multiplayer

Is there any specific issue that you want to be fixed via Mass Effect Andromeda upcoming patch? Let us know in the comment section below.

When asked by a fan about Patch note, Gamble replied that it will be made available tomorrow immediately after the release of the patch.


Biowar has just released Patch 1.06 for Mass Effect Andromeda, size is 1.29GB on PC, As per the details revealed in the changelog, the update fixes Single Player Missions and exploration bugs, Multiplayer balance changes: Power, Upgrades, Character Stats, Weapons, Enemies, Missions, and many other things. You guys can read the full changelog at Bioware website.