Two New Shovel Knight Adventures, Showdown and King of Cards, Get Dec. 10 Release Date


Shovel Knight fans, rejoice: You’re getting plenty of content in December with the arrival of Shovel Knight: Showdown and Shovel Knight: King of Cards. These two new adventures are coming to the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove edition on Dec. 10 for free.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards serves as a prequel for the base story. In it, the character King Knight goes forward on a journey to take down the Three Kings who rule over the Valley. The adventure will detail how King Knight gained his throne and joined The Order of No Quarter. The developers, Yacht Club Games, have released a gameplay trailer of King of Cards, posted below.

In the Shovel Knight: Showdown adventure, things get a bit more hectic. This campaign takes a different turn from the previous Shovel Knight adventures, more akin to a fighting game with a story than a side-scrolling platformer. It’s a four-person multiplayer format where players fight it out to three different modes: players attempt to acquire the most treasure, to cross the finish line first, and to be the last one standing in an all-out brawl. There are 16 available characters to choose from in this fighting mode.

Of the two, Showdown will not appear on the 3DS or PS Vita versions of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove due to the respective console’s system limitations.

Those who own Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will receive these adventures for free when they release Dec. 10. There are individual purchase options for these titles on any store where the Treasure Trove. You can pick it up from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, Nintendo’s eShop, and from several other online retailers for various consoles.