What is the exact release time for God of War on PC?

Start your journey through Midgard as soon as possible.

Image via Sony Santa Monica

God of War is finally launching for PC, allowing fans of the platform the chance to finally explore Kratos’ latest adventure. The wait for the PC version of God of War seems to have been one of the most excruciating for PC fans when it comes to PlayStation ports. This guide explains exactly when the game releases worldwide, so you know precisely when you can start to play it.

Global release schedule for God of War on PC

Developer Sony Santa Monica Studio released the exact times that God of War will be available on PC. We’ve outlined those times and dates for each region below.

  • Americas: January 14 at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET
  • Europe and the Middle East: January 14 at 4 PM UTC/5 PM CET
  • Asia and Oceania: January 15 at 1 AM JST/3 AM AEDT

These dates and times are when the game officially releases, meaning it’ll be available to download and play. If you haven’t pre-loaded the game from Steam, then you’ll have to wait for it to download to your device before you can play it. Due to the game’s popularity, it may take you longer than expected to download it to your PC because so many people will be doing the same. However, if you’ve already pre-loaded the game, you can start playing it from the times listed above. While there might be a day one update, this won’t take as long to download as the entire game.