How to gain Catalog Points in Splatoon 3

Get special items.

Image via Nintendo

Once you reach level four in Splatoon 3, you’ll unlock Hotlantis, which serves as the game’s General Store. At Hotlantis, you can purchase items for your locker. Once you visit Hotlantis for the first time, you’ll unlock the catalog. Catalogs are essentially this game’s form of a free season pass, with you unlocking rewards at each level. Catalogs will change every three months, with Nintendo planning to keep it going until the end of 2024. So, how do you gain catalog points in Splatoon 3?

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What is the difference between catalog points and XP points in Splatoon 3?

There are two types of points you’ll be earning after every match in Splatoon 3: catalog points and regular points (XP). The XP you earn will go towards your level. Catalog points go towards ranking up your catalog level, with each catalog level being 9500 catalog points. Once you level up your catalog, you’ll receive a reward from Harmony. The rewards can range from new banners for your Splashtag, to new clothing and accessories for your character, and decorations for your locker.

How to earn Catalog Points in Splatoon 3

To earn Catalog Points in Splatoon 3, all you need to do is to play matches, whether that is the regular Turf War Battle or Anarchy Battle. Whether you win or lose, you’ll still gain points towards your catalog level, though winning will yield more than losing — your first win of the day gives you 7500 catalog points. Additionally, doing jobs in Salmon Run also contributes Catalog Points.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a fast way to earn Catalog Points in this game, there isn’t one. Unlike with XP and cash, where all you need to do is eat something from the food shop to gain double or 50% more of either one, there isn’t food you can eat at the shop that will increase the number of catalog points you earn. So, you’ll need to grind if you want to see your catalog level increase.