Splitgate developer 1047 Games will remain independent and has $100 million in funding

The future looks bright for 1047 Games and Splitgate.

Splitgate Xbox Playstation console

Image by 1047 Games

Developer 1047 Games announced that it will be unveiling new information about the company’s future, as well as the future of its hit game Splitgate earlier this Tuesday morning. The information was a tweet with a message from CEO Ian Proulx. The message revealed that 1047 Games will remain an independent company and has received funding of $100 million.

Proulx adds that with the new funding, 1047 Games can bring in more developers and grow its small team. The message also listed that Splitgate can now receive more frequent updates, new features, quicker response time to bug fixes, larger player support, and release on more platforms. After the announcement was made public, 1047 Games had a developer talk on a live stream on Twitch that went into further detail about the future of the company.

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Splitgate became a huge hit after it launched its open beta in August with 10 million downloads since then β€” 1047 Games decided to keep the game in open beta until further notice. Despite the massive success of this growing independent studio, this statement from the developers swats away any possibility of a larger company like Epic Games or Tencent acquiring it. Most recently, 1047 Games released a Season 0 Battle Pass on August 25, and Proulx claims that the game will one day come out of beta β€” just not yet.