Splitgate developer banned players for using “queue skipping programs”

Servers are back up and running.


Image via 1047 Games

Update: Developer 1047 Games pushed out an update late Wednesday night that significantly lowered queue times to less than five minutes. The original story is below.

Splitgate has proven to be a hugely popular first-person arena shooter, with the free PvP title seeing at least 100,000 concurrent players and two million players participating in the open beta in the past two weeks. This naturally has the effect of severely impacting servers, to the point of requiring online queues to even play the game.

Developer 1047 Games released a status update from its official Twitter, announcing that servers are back online after some short downtime “with improved stability.” It further explains that the reason for current wait times, which have been upwards of 90 minutes, is due to the developers having to ban people using “queue skipping programs.”

1047 Games has previously stated that it’s a small development team with a total of four engineers, which is why updates are slower and servers have been so easily overwhelmed. It’s to the point that the studio has been forced to delay the official release of the game to sometime this August, in order to better accommodate the growing playerbase.

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