Square Enix adds Final Fantasy lo-fi to Spotify

Now you can relax to some official lo-fi beats from Square.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS Plus

Image via Square Enix

If you are like some of us, you like to calm yourself at work by listening to some lo-fi music while getting some work done. As video game music enthusiasts, we think the mix between lo-fi beats and video game soundtracks is a match made in heaven. Square Enix has noticed the popularity of the genre, as the company added some lo-fi Final Fantasy songs to Spotify.

Users can search for “Square Enix Chill Out Arrangement Tracks” in Spotify to find the new additions. Square Enix has stated that the album contains tracks from many of the original Final Fantasy games from the 1980s. The songs come from releases such as Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, Final Fantasy Legend III, and Final Fantasy Adventure.

You can find the collection on Spotify below, but there is also a physical version that can be purchased as well. It is available for purchase for $29.99. The collection of music contains tracks from artists from different parts of the globe. This includes Oval’s Shingo Suzuki and Shingo Sekiguchi from Origami Production, Dj Lord Echo from New Zealand, and many more.

We gave the arrangements a listen, and they are spectacular. The Final Fantasy series has always contained some of the best and most iconic tracks in all video games. To have an official lo-fi arrangement from Square Enix is a godsend to fans. It should also easily get them pumped to jump into Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade when it releases later this year for PlayStation 5.