Square Enix Reveals Dragon Quest Walk, An Augmented Reality Game


Square Enix is getting into the augmented reality business. The company recently announced Dragon Quest Walk, an AR game that seems to want to take on the likes of Pokemon GO.

Truthfully, the reveal trailer is my favorite AR game trailer to date. All kinds of weird and wonderful monsters star in it, from hordes of skeletons riding the subway, to a giant octopus terrorizing people. There is even some sort of strange, heavily armored chap terrorizing people on a beach.

The Dragon Quest games are a long-running series, first appearing in 1986, the most recent release, Dragon Quest XI, came out in 2017. It is not often that the games come out in the west, however. Dragon Quest Walk will release later this year in Japan, for both iOS and Android, but no hints have been given about a western release date.

Players will be able to visit landmarks in real life to collect quests, and it is also reported that they will be able to build rooms that can be decorated with items from the game. If you wish, you can watch the full reveal livestream here, but be advised, there are no English subs.

Investors seem to feel that this is a good move for Square Enix, as the company’s stock price has risen over 5 percent in Japan after the announcement.