Stalker 2 changes its name in a subtle, pro-Ukraine move

One letter makes all the difference.

Image via GSC Game World

Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World is in a bad spot, literally and figuratively. The studio is located in Ukraine, which is still occupied by Russian invaders. The Stalker 2 team has found a great way to stick it to the invaders, but it’s pretty easy to miss.

ResetEra forum user AnastielBR_ spotted the change and shared it in a thread. If you check Stalker 2’s Steam page, you can see that its title is now different by a single letter. The subtitle is now Heart of Chornobyl (note the O), rather than Heart of Chernobyl (with an E). Why the change? It’s simple: Chornobyl is the Ukrainian spelling of the nuclear meltdown site, while the other is the Russian spelling. It’s a small, but spunky way to stand firm in the wake of the ongoing crisis.

It’s not the first time GSC Game World has raised its voice about the issue. The studio urged video game companies to “help those in need” as the invasion began. This has also caused the team to pause development of the game to focus on the safety of its employees and their families. It’ll pick back up “after the victory” over Russia, GSC boldly says. Stalker 2 was already pushed back once, so waiting a little longer for a new release date is nothing. It’s probably the most understandable game delay ever.