What is the release date of Stalker 2?

Back to the terror.

Image via GSC Game World

Stalker 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the last few years. The original Stalker is seen as a singular experience in gaming that would go on to spawn number clones that could never quite live up to the stunning levels of atmosphere and tension that Stalker evoked.

If you are hopeful for Stalker 2 releasing soon, then brace yourself for a bit of a postponement. GSC Game World has announced that the game will release on December 8; this comes after a delay from the original release date of April 28. We also know that it will be available on PC and Xbox Series X/S only, and will be arriving on console Game Pass on day one. We will be updating this article as more information becomes available.

Stalker 2 will be a direct sequel to the original, bring the unique blend of FPS, immersive sim, and horror game to the next generation on the Xbox. The game will be an open-world adventure, featuring a non-linear storyline where every choice can matter in ways big and small.

The game will also have multiple endings, leading to increased replayability for people who wish to experience them all.