Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Final Gameplay Trailer Shows off Cal’s Power with the Force and The Many Dangers He’ll Have to Face

Cal has become much stronger, and is ready to tackle the journey awaiting him in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Image via EA

In less than a month, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be in the hands of the public, and players will have the chance to check out what awaits Cal Kestis on his next adventure. It’s a highly anticipated sequel to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, where we first met Cal on his journey to reconnect with the Force and protect the next generation of Jedi from falling into the hands of the Galactic Empire.

Ahead of the release day, the team has shared the final gameplay trailer. It highlights how far Cal has come with his mastery of the Force and many of the foes he’ll be facing off against as he journeys through the galaxy.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives players plenty of Force powers and a dangerous journey

The narrator for the gameplay trailer is Cere Junda, one of the protagonists from the previous game who served as a mentor to Cal as he reconnected with the Force after he had turned away from it following Order 66. We don’t quite know Cere’s role in the current one, but she might serve as another advisor, one who does not directly partake in Cal’s journey as he progresses through the galaxy. Even though this is the final gameplay trailer, we still don’t know exactly what’s driving Cal outside of fighting the Empire.

We glimpse a handful of fearsome foes Cal will have the chance to fight, such as the legendary Rancor guarding a cave, and Rayvis, a fully armored Gen’Dai, a rare species in the Star Wars universe. One notable Gen’dai fans may recognize is Durge, who originally appeared in the 2004 Star Wars: Clone Wars animated show. Several familiar foes are also returning from Fallen Order, such as an AT-ST battle, melee Scout Troopers with stun batons, and enforcer droids.

Fans were also eagerly awaiting the fate of multiple crew members who appeared in Fallen Order alongside Cal, like Merrin and Greez, who do show up in this trailer. Merrin can be one of the companions players take with them to fight alongside Cal. She appears to have several enemy finishing moves that can be used in combat, but that has yet to be fully explained before the release.

Before getting they get their hands on Jedi: Survivor, players can rest easy knowing that when they start the game, they’ll have many of the powers they had when they finished Fallen Order. The developers wanted Cal’s knowledge and powers from the first game to the second one, so everything new Cal learns in the second story will be fresh for everyone. This has been greatly appreciated by fans who know the pains of starting a new game in a sequel story and relearning multiple skills. We still don’t know where ponchos are, though.