Steam Cloud Gaming Reportedly In The Works At Valve


Valve is a very active company these days. We reported only a few days ago that it is rumored to be working on something in the AR space with Apple, most likely in the mobile business, it has its VR Index headset, and there’s even more on the horizon.

According to a new rumor, the developer is going to release a Steam Cloud Gaming platform, which could be set to rival with the likes of Google Stadia, Project xCloud, PlayStation Now, and all the other platforms in that range.

According to the details shared by Steam Database, “Valve is working on ‘Steam Cloud Gaming’ according to partner site code update. Partners will need to sign an addendum to their terms,” and this might mean that the release of the platform at least in a preview fashion could be very close.

The news itself is a bit surprising because it comes at a time where it didn’t look like Valve was going to make such a sudden jump, but if you think about that, it seems like it’s a natural move from the Steam platform owner.

Valve was one of the first clients to offer cloud saves and knows the technology. Also, not secondarily, it has a library at its disposal that is huge, and very few out there could rival it in terms of just how many games it features now. So, why not?