Stranger Things Chapter Returns to Dead by Daylight

The return of Dead by Daylight’s rare and previously unobtainable characters from Stranger Things return after several years.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

It’s been several years since the Stranger Things gang appeared in Dead by Daylight, and after being removed from the marketplace, players previously believed these would not be obtainable. However, announced today, the Stranger Things characters return to Dead by Daylight.

The Stranger Things chapter appeared in 2019 but was removed from the marketplace in November 2021. Now, after being gone for two years, the Demogorgon Killer and Survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are back, and players can grab them again starting today.

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Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Chapter Return For All Players

The news comes from the Dead by Daylight Twitter shortly after the team wished the Stranger Things team “a happy Stranger Things Day!” Many fans took to the comments to share their excitement about seeing these characters return to the game. With it being Stranger Things Day, it seemed like the perfect time to usher them back into the fold.

The Dead by Daylight fan wishes held out, as the Stranger Things Twitter team revealed that the Stranger Things chapter would reappear on the market for anyone to purchase. We don’t know if this will remain here for a limited time, but it’s back for fans who want to grab it and add it to their Dead by Daylight profile.

When the Stranger Things Chapter had been removed from the Dead by Daylight store, it was possible for players to unlock the skins for the game. However, doing it was difficult, requiring a player to open it using a physical code for the PlayStation version of the game. Now, it looks like this process is no longer necessary.

Although the announcement of the Stranger Things Chapter returning to Dead by Daylight has been shared, we’ve yet to see it officially on the Steam store. We expect this DLC purchase to drop sometime today, but fans shouldn’t wait too long to get their hands on the three returning characters. The Demogorgon Killer, and the two Survivors, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. For any Dead by Daylight fan with these three missing from their collection, now is the time to grab them before they disappear again.