Streamer SuperLouis_64 makes real-life Buster Sword you can use to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Screenshot by Gamepur

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Strange controllers haven’t always been celebrated over the years since gaming first launched. Most controllers that offer weird features are scrutinized by fans and won’t see newer models in the future. If you haven’t heard of SuperLouis_64, he makes a living out of programming and designing the oddest controllers you can think of to play the games he loves most. As part of his latest project, he has made a real-life Buster Sword straight out of the world of Final Fantasy, and it can be used to play not only the Final Fantasy 7 Remake but Elden Ring as well.

In a tweet made earlier this month, SuperLouis_64 unveiled the Buster Sword replica and all its glory. He even released a full video on YouTube detailing how he was able to accomplish this build and get everything functioning. Since the sword is made of foam and PVC, it doesn’t weigh as much as it would if it were made out of steel but it still comes in at around 8-10 pounds. Also, because part of the controls of the weapon use motion to attack and defend, you can obviously expect it to take a toll on your body after a little while.

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This is not the first time that SuperLouis_64 has completed a build like this. If you follow his channel, you are probably aware that he has used a Wii-Fit controller to play Dark Souls and has even created a katana controller to play Ghost of Tsushima. One of his most popular builds is the book controller he created to play Final Fantasy XIV. In the thread detailing the information about the Buster Sword controller, he went on to give a preview of two of the controllers he plans to build in the future. We are excited to see SuperLouis_64 running through Elden Ring with a real-life Darkmoon Greatsword soon.