Street Fighter 6 gameplay leaks show Ken, Cammy in action

Hadou…Ken, is that you?

Image via Capcom

We’ve seen Street Fighter 6 gameplay thanks to the latest State of Play showcase, but that’s not the only place we’ve seen it. The full roster was potentially revealed in a big leak, but that was just a still image. Now we’ve actually seen more leaks in motion.

Street Fighter staples Ken and Cammy were both captured in gif form and shared on the popular gaming forum ResetEra. User ApeEscaper shared one of Ryu’s rivals in the previous leak thread. Ken can be seen on the character select screen, sporting a thick jacket and some brunette roots. Check it out for yourself below. Perhaps he was never a true blonde after all. You can see for yourself in the Reddit post below. A response later in the thread points out that Guile and Dhalsim are posing as they did on the Street Fighter 5 character screen, implying that this footage is from a beta build.

As for Cammy, her gif is a bit more involved. As shared by ResetEra user NotLiquid in the same thread, it shows her full special — clocking in at 15 seconds long. Notably, it seems to damage not only her opponent’s health bar but also the power meter below that. The gif shows a mirror match, so her “opponent” is herself, but the alternate Union Jack costume also has fans excited.

They’ve got a lot to feast on and speculate about. In addition to seeing several characters with their own eyes, one eagle-eyed fan also spotted a Mike Haggar memorial, leading some to believe the mayor is actually dead in the Street Fighter 6 timeline. There are plenty of Street Fighter veterans we want to see in the new game, and ol’ Mike has yet to get a chance himself.

We’re waiting for an awful lot of confirmation from Capcom at this stage. At the very least, we know that Street Fighter 6 will be out next year, although there’s no specific release date beyond that. It’s headed to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S — the first new Street Fighter launch on Xbox in a decade.