Strike it rich when double treasure dragons come to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 12.22

Get double the loot like a proper dragon.

Image via Riot Games

As Teamfight Tactics fans enjoy the last few weeks of Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms, the TFT devs at Riot Games have decided to toss an exciting new game change at fans: double treasure dragons. Once Patch 12.22 comes online on November 16, players will enjoy a second treasure dragon each game. This means that players can mix and match even more item components, emblems, gold, and more. With all this extra loot, creating high-cost builds like ascended Dragons might be easier than ever.

When Patch 12.22 drops, the additional treasure dragon shrine does mean some changes to the current game mechanics. For starters, you won’t get the treasure dragons all at once. Instead, a treasure dragon will replace the Wolves PVE round, meaning you won’t fight any PVE from Krugs until Rift Herald. Also, just so players aren’t drowning in gold and items, the treasure dragon hordes will decrease from five to three gifts.

On the plus side though, both treasure dragons are independent of one another. That means you can get both one radiant and one chaos treasure dragon shrine in a single game (or double radiant). So yes, in theory, you could get two radiant Thieves Gloves, giving you two copies of the most frightening item to ever exist in TFT. However, the downside of all these treasure dragons is that you can’t get random champion drops at the Wolves stage now, so make sure to rely on your rolls and your shop for those instead.

This update to TFT’s gameplay will last as long as dragons do in the game: for another three weeks. So, enjoy your extra loot, because once Patch 12.23 hits December 7, everyone will be playing Set 8: Monsters Attack!, where treasure dragon shrines will be completely replaced by item anvils.