All Teamfight Tactics set start and end dates – When does TFT Set 8 start?

The age of dragons will end faster than you think.

Image via Riot Games

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Between Set 7 and 7.5 of Teamfight Tactics, dragons have been the dominant force in Teamfight Tactics for a few months. While some people love these scaly beasts, others aren’t too keen on the giant juggernauts taking over all their games. They’re itching for a new kind of TFT adventure. So far, the TFT devs have released news that the new Set will be called Monsters Attack! and features superheroes and huge beasts galore. This even includes the long-awaited introduction of Rammus into the TFT lineup.

If you’re looking forward to explosive, city-scape thrills in Set 8 of TFT, here’s the timeline you might be looking at.

Every Teamfight Tactics Set start and end dates

Teamfight Tactics SetStart DateEnd Date
Set 1: Beta SetJune 26, 2019November 6, 2019
Set 2: Rise of The ElementsNovember 6, 2019March 18, 2020
Set 3: Galaxies March 18, 2020June 10, 2020
Set 3.5: Return to The StarJune 10, 2020 September 16, 2020
Set 4: FatesSeptember 16, 2020January 21, 2021
Set 4.5: Festival of The BeastsJanuary 21, 2021 April 28, 2021
Set 5: ReckoningApril 28, 2021July 21, 2021
Set 5.5: Dawn of Heroes July 21, 2021November 3, 2021
Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets November 3, 2021February 16, 2022
Set 6.5: Neon NightsFebruary 16, 2022 June 8, 2022
Set 7: DragonlandsJune 8, 2022 September 9, 2022
Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms September 9, 2022December 7, 2022
Set 8: Monsters Attack! December 7, 2022 TBA

When does TFT Set 8 start?

Given Riot Games’ current TFT patch schedule, Set 8 beta will begin on the PBE in mid-November. Then, Set 7.5 will change over into Set 8 on December 7 with Patch 12.23. This switch-over seems surprisingly quick, but it’s because the devs want to get the new Set nice and settled before the holidays hit. So, everyone will get to play with Set 8’s laser-blasting heroes and magical girl squads for Hanukkah and Lunar New Year.

How to enjoy TFT Set 7.5 until Set 8

If you’re finding Set 7.5 to be a hard sell, and you’re struggling to enjoy your favorite game, here are a few tricks. For one, lean into anti-dragon traits like Mystic, Scalescorn, or Swiftshots. The first is a great defense against magic-heavy drakes like Nomsy, Aurelion Sol, and Ao Shin. Meanwhile, Scalescorn and Swiftshots help you shred through the dragons before they can melt your team. Some off-color builds like the Pool Party build can also be fun, dragon-less options. Dragons may be the heavy hitters of this Set, but there are many ways to enjoy the current game without them.

Or, just wait until the mysterious wonders of Set 8 and whatever Chibi Champion will inevitably come with it — TFT super-units like Kayle or Nami, anyone?