How to get ascended Dragons in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

If you love Shyvana, take her and all your other Dragons to the next level!

Image via Riot Games

As far as Teamfight Tactics’ Set 7.5 is concerned, it’s all about Dragons. Many of the best builds in the game either include Dragons or are teams made up almost exclusively of the scaly beasts. However, there’s an even more elusively frightening build: six Dragons. Because when you get six Dragons on your board, your Dragons ascend, making them more overpowered than ever before.

What it means to be ascended

When your six-Dragon board ascends, they basically get a free Tri-Force Ornn item (without having to use an item slot). Ascended Dragons get 30 AD, 30 AP, 30 Magic Resist, and 30% Attack Speed. It’s a general, overall buff for all Dragons involved.

So no, you should not expect this “ascension” to work the exact same way as the augment, because that one just makes your units do 50% more damage.

Ascended requirements

While the stats can dazzle you into hunting a six-Dragon-team, you should proceed with caution. A six-Dragon board can be absurdly difficult to achieve. To have enough space on your board for all these Dragons, you’ll need two out of these three augments: Level Up, New Recruit, or Dragon Soul. One lets you reach level 10, the other gives you +1 max team size, and the other counts your board as having +1 Dragon. Dragon Soul is the most useful one in achieving the Ascended Dragons goal because now you only need to be able to fit five Dragons (AKA 10 unit slots) on your board instead of six (AKA 12 unit slots). A Tactician’s Crown can also be an invaluable item in this scenario.

Since those are all prismatic augments, be wary of how hard it might be to get all the necessary pieces at once. You can’t just brute-force your way into ascended Dragons; you really need these augments and items to come to you, too.

The dream team

If you’re committed to building ascended Dragons, you’ll want to pick some Dragons over others. In the dream scenario, you’ll want to have Shyvana, Terra, Idas, Shi Oh Yu, Daeja, and Ao Shin. Shyvana and Ao Shin will be your carry units while Terra will be your main tank. The most important items for this build are a Spear of Shojin for your Ao Shin and a Morellonomicon for your Shyvana, so keep an eye out for Tears of The Goddess, B.F. Swords, and Needlessly Large Rods.