Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting pushed back further because no one likes it

Not the reception WB was hoping for.


Image via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

It seems that Warner Bros. has heard the deafening silence from the lack of hype surrounding Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and may announce an additional delay soon.

According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, a unanimous source with direct ties to the studio has informed him that Suicide Squad is set to be pushed back into later this year. Currently, the game is slated to come out in May, but it appears that the less-than-ideal reception following the recent Sony State of Play showing has WB rethinking that launch point.

No specifics have been given for when you can expect to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The source had only said that it would still be in 2023, so it could be anything as short as a month to as long as holiday time.

While Rocksteady has a very good track record of making amazing games set in the DC Arkham storyline they created, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a large departure from those Batman games you loved years ago. The game is only online, even if you want to play single-player with bots, and it is being built as a live service game, filled with a battle pass and microtransaction store.

Even if you look at the gameplay that was shown at the State of Play, this is not the continuation of the Arkham games that fans were expecting. The great melee combat has been replaced with what looks like generic shooting and loot mechanics that you see in countless other games these days, like Destiny 2. Viewers pointed out that most of what they saw in the presentation was the constant objective to shoot purple glowing things non-stop.

While there is a chance a delay could help the Suicide Squad game perform better, we would be surprised at this point in development if it is anything substantial. The game is so close to being done that a delay that keeps it from releasing this year will likely not be enough to get the game away from the generic, over-monetized game that was recently presented.