Team GO Rocket Takeover Event Now Live In Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

Heads up, Pokémon GO players. Team GO Rocket is blasting off!

A new event has been revealed on the official Pokémon GO page, signifying that the Team GO Rocket Leaders are ready to play. The event is live now and runs through Nov. 14, around 1pm PST.

Here’s the description for the event, straight from the developers:

“Trainers, the movement of the Team GO Rocket Leaders seems to have disrupted Pokémon habitats, and certain Pokémon have apparently become more common! We have yet to understand why these Pokémon in particular are suddenly appearing more frequently. Perhaps they have some special significance wherever Team GO Rocket came from?”

This includes more appearances by oddly specific Pokémon characters like Meowth, Koffing, and Ekans. There’s also a Shiny Meowth in the wild, so you keep an eye out.

In addition, Raids will feature Pokémon that are “significant” to Team GO Rocket, along with the Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni.

Here’s what else the team has discovered, according to the post:

  • Team GO Rocket has started using the following Shadow Pokémon: Sandshrew, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Porygon, and Wobbuffet.
  • The Team GO Rocket Leaders seem to be the only Team GO Rocket members who now have access to the following Shadow Pokémon: Meowth, Scyther, and Sneasel! The only question is…which leader has which Pokémon?

Players will now be able to jump in and discover this new event for themselves.

Pokémon GO is available now for mobile devices.