The Devils Awaken Expansion and Devil May Cry’s Nero Are Available Now In TEPPEN


Devil May Cry is getting a lot of love in TEPPEN as Nero, and The Devils Awaken expansion is now live for everyone, adding a completely new dynamic to the meta.

The second expansion for the mobile card game is bringing in a second demon hunter to the game, one that has an entirely different style and plays for the green team in terms of hero arts. Nero adds a lot of new dynamics to the game, such as his Devil Breaker art, which will boost one of his friendly units and allow it to deal damage to every unit an opponent controls.

Compared to Chun-Li and X, Nero is a very different green hero even though he still focuses on building up his own units or providing the best opportunity to do so. There will probably be several good green and purple mixes using some of his abilities on the ladder over the next month as players try to find a good mix.

Nero has three cards that tie directly into his Hey, Nico! Art. Gerbera, Ragtime, and Tomboy are a selection of cards that can either cause massive damage to your opponent, halt some units, or heal your own cards, but only one of them is randomly added to your hand when you use the art, and they cannot be used outside of battle for other decks.

But speaking of cards, this expansion dwarfs the first by adding a total of 32 new cards, not including the three marked specially for Nero. That is four units and four action cards per color, including multiple rarities for some of the better cards.

The new Growth mechanic that is being added alongside Nero is sure to change a lot, and a majority of the green cards in this expansion are themed around that ability. It is also easier to see and understand what abilities each card revolves around since the card text has been reworked to display them in a new way, which is perfect since Growth will give some units new abilities as they grow.

Players will have access to a series of limited event missions to celebrate the launch of the new hero and expansion, which will award them with Souls, Zenny, Pack Tickets, and Jewels once they are completed. Extra bonuses for daily logins are also being added on top of the typical ones that have always been there.

Make sure you start collecting those bonus daily rewards now because those extra Pack Tickets will vanish soon and you can read the full details of the patch on the official TEPPEN website.