Teppen: The Day of Nightmares expansion is out now


Teppen, Capcom’s action card game is rolling now with the release of The Day of Nightmares expansion, bringing 32 new cards to the mobile game.

Teppen launched quite suddenly after Capcom kept the project quiet and only released information about it roughly a month before launch. When the game went live in July, it quickly garnered an active player base.

Now The Day of Nightmares, Teppen’s first expansion is out, which gives each color getting eight new cards right at the start of the new competitive season. 32 cards is a relatively low number for a TCG expansion, but Capcom is working to make Teppen into a highly competitive experience with balanced gameplay.

Each of the cards has custom artwork and is themed off of a Capcom franchise, utilizing characters and other items from their long lineage of game making. This expansion is highlighted by a stellar looking Nash card for red decks and what looks like a robust Nemesis-T Type in black.

Nash TeppenNemesis Teppen

At a glance, it seems like black and green got the best cards from this expansion, at least before top players get a chance to lab new builds out. Black decks were rampant in the upper levels of ranked matches. Capcom will have a blast trying to balance that with the apparent boost these new cards provide specific builds.

Red and purple got some nice utility cards, and there is a lot of potential for some of these new pulls to shine later in the season.

With Capcom and GungHo working to launch Teppen as a competitive title soon, smaller expansions like this is an excellent way to keep things fresh.