The Dead Space trophy list spoils a new change from the original

Fans are still going to be surprised.

Image via EA

The Dead Space remake from Motive Studio is less than a week away, and fans are eager to return to the Necromorph-infested Ishimura and play as the unlikely hero, Isaac Clarke. There will be multiple changes in the game from the original Dead Space, and it looks like an early trophy list for the remake has already ruined a big surprise for fans.

Fans can preview all of the upcoming trophies shared by the TrueTrophies website, detailing all 48 trophies in the upcoming Dead Space game. The final trophy on the list, called Reunion, is awarded to players who receive the alternative ending, which the development team has not shared before the game’s release.

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From what the trophy shares, the alternative ending can appear for any player on any difficulty. We don’t know the requirements to unlock this alternative ending, but players won’t have to force themselves to play the game on the hardest difficulty to see it.

Learning about an alternative ending is not a huge spoiler, but it might have fans speculating about how they can go about seeing it. Given the trophy’s name, it might have something to do with Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, who was the Senior Medical Officer of the Ishimura, but we’re purely speculating based on the original game’s plot. Unfortunately, in the original version, Brennan appeared to be a hallucination.

Motive Studio has been relatively careful about sharing too many details that have changed from the original game. However, they have not been shy about how much has changed regarding thrills. One of the modern changes the studio has made is by implementing a program called the Intensity Director. This will be a background program working in every version of the game, which details the overall intensity for the player, and changes the environment to give the player a false sense of security before throwing more enemies or scares their way.

Less than a week away, we’ll have a chance to check out the alternative ending and how it all plays out. The Dead Space remake releases on February 27 to the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.