The Dead Space remake offers two graphics modes for console players to relive the horror

Get scared in 2k or 4k.

Image via Motive Studio

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The Dead Space remake team has revealed the two graphics modes choices that console players will get. Users will have to choose between Quality and Performance, both offering very different visual experiences. These options will not only influence fps and resolution, but also the existence of ray tracing.

The Quality graphics mode will offer players 30 fps at 4K resolution with ray-tracing enabled. On the other hand, the Performance graphics mode will get you 60 fps with 2K resolution, but with no ray-tracing. Seeing these options, it seems that the question on most minds is “Why can’t we have 60 fps with 4k resolution?”

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Unfortunately, it seems that modern consoles just can’t handle the combination at the moment due to the ray tracing. Some fans have been complaining about the weird graphics mode choices, as most would prefer 60 fps over ray tracing, stating things such as: “A remaster can’t even get to 60 in quality mode…?” Most people seem to agree on the fact that the 60 fps and 2k resolution options sound much better than the 30 fps, and 4k with ray tracing choice.

When it comes to PC players, we also got some information regarding the minimum and the recommended specs, and they are also relatively high. You will need at least an AMD RX 5700 or GTX 1070 GPU to meet the standards for the Dead Space remake.

Luckily, most players that can meet the requirements for the Dead Space remake will also be able to play the free game that they will get by pre-ordering, Dead Space 2. After finishing the remake, you can quickly continue the story while Motive Studio work in the background to bring even more remakes and new games set in the Dead Space universe.