The Final Fantasy XIV Maiden’s Rhapsody crossover event is returning for Final Fantasy XI’s 20th anniversary

What else could be coming for the milestone?

Image via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XI’s 20th anniversary is coming on May 16, and Square Enix has hinted in the past that they have big plans to celebrate this milestone. Final Fantasy XIV is getting in on the fun by bringing back the Final Fantasy XI crossover event The Maiden’s Rhapsody. This event was originally added to the game back in 2015 to celebrate the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel content added to XI. Since then it has shown up quite infrequently. This time, the event will run from Thursday, April 28 to Wednesday, May 18.

The Maiden’s Rhapsody features a fan-favorite character from Final Fantasy XI named Iroha and bridges the link between Vana’diel and Hydealyn. Players can begin the investigation by visiting the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa and talking to Remumu. The reward for completing the event is Iroha’s Amatsu armor set. This set is available for all genders. You will also receive the “Heaven Eleven” achievement upon completing the Journey to Remember quest from the event.

Image via Square Enix

There is nothing different added to the event this time around, but players who have already completed it can also speak to Remumu to utilize the Seasonal Event Replay feature to play through the story again. Rewards earned during previous Maiden’s Rhapsody event periods are also available from the Calamity Salvager should you want to reacquire them.