The Last of Us remake reportedly coming this holiday

Naughty Dog still hasn’t officially announced it.

Image via PlayStation

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For as much as The Last of Us fans have been talking about a remake, Naughty Dog has yet to officially announce one. Even so, the studio is working on an “unannounced remake” that some say is coming this year, specifically this holiday.

GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb believes in the holiday launch too. Speaking on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Grubb stated, “I keep hearing that’s coming out this year — this holiday” as the topic of the rumored remake came up. To reiterate, Naughty Dog has not even said that the remake is real, but Grubb’s words align with previous reports about the project. Back in January, writer Tom Henderson reported that The Last of Us remake, along with The Last of Us Part II standalone multiplayer spinoff Factions, could arrive in 2022.

Much of the thinking has been that the remake would launch alongside the HBO series as a cross-marketing promotion. Some of the same people are working on both, after all — Last of Us director Neil Druckmann also directed part of the series. While we have gotten a first look at Joel and Ellie in the show, we haven’t seen anything else. At this stage, a 2023 date for the show seems likely, which seemingly leads to two main possibilities. Either the rumored remake is coming this holiday (before the HBO adaptation), or it’s not coming this year. We’re still left waiting for official word from Naughty Dog or Sony, no matter how many reports come out.

At the very least, The Last of Us Part II isn’t the end of the story. A story outline for a third game has been written according to Neil Druckmann, but the game itself isn’t coming anytime soon. Druckmann didn’t share any details about the story, but he does hope to see it turned into a full game after Naughty Dog’s next project.