The Overwatch 2 community is debating the game’s worst Ultimate and there’s a clear “winner”

There are quite a few “good” choices here.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch players are taking to Twitter to discuss which hero in the game they believe has the worst Ultimate. Of course, there is plenty of variety in choices, but Doomfist seems to be a common choice for most people in the thread with his Meteor Strike being a punching bag in the conversation.

Doomfist is a very challenging character for the Overwatch team to properly balance. On one hand, he used to have an easy one-hit kill move with his Rocket Punch before becoming a Tank, but on the other, his current iteration can be challenging for some people to use well. His Ultimate involves him leaping into the air and smashing down on enemies, causing damage in the area around him.

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Meteor Strike has been Doomfist’s Ultimate since he was introduced in the original Overwatch. Anyone you land on immediately takes 300 damage, but the fall-off damage is significant from just a short distance. Given how long it takes him to land after choosing a target, it gives almost every enemy a chance to avoid the center ring of damage if they have any movement ability. Enemies also will have their speed reduced for a few seconds when affected, leaving them open for a follow-up attack, but given Doomfist’s low damage, that can be quickly taken care of with healing. Given his current state, it’s better for escaping fights than ending them.

Other common choices for the worst Ultimate in Overwatch 2 included Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, Cassidy’s Deadeye, Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery, and Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix. All of these can be challenging to get good use out of and can lead you to being an easy target to attack in Cassidy and Bastion’s case.

Of course, with Overwatch 2 having dozens of heroes with different abilities, there are always going to be some Ultimates that appear better than the others. We would definitely say that Doomfist and some other characters have some room for that area of their kit to be adjusted.