The Witness’ gaze is focused solely on Neptune Destiny 2 Lightfall’s latest trailer

Guardians need to fight the fate The Witness has in store.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

A new trailer for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has been released, possibly the final one before it launches tomorrow. It outlines the remarks of the Vanguard as they rally against the Darkness but also highlights the fact that The Witness is looking to Neptune, not The Traveler, for what it needs to conquer this sector of the universe.

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In previous trailers for Lightfall, we’ve seen The Witness approach Earth and The Traveler with its army of Pyramid Ships. As they approach, they decimate anything that attempts to fight them, be it a ship or Guardian. The Witness has been presented as intent on acquiring The Traveler for itself, containing it, and possibly imprisoning it somehow as Ghaul attempted to.

In this latest trailer, though, we see that The Witness is actually looking to Neptune, the planet Osiris has been banging on about for a season or so now. There’s a weapon there that sounds like it could destroy The Witness, but if that enemy gets its hands on it first, it might wipe out all Guardians and The Traveler.

As a community, players have constantly fought back against the forces of darkness in Destiny 2, but now The Collapse 2.0 is beginning. The Witness is here, and you can hear every member of The Vanguard rallying Guardians together to fight it, but the true solution, as has been hinted at in so much of the marketing for this expansion, lies on Neptune. The Witness retorts, though, telling us that we can’t outrun our fate and that there’s no escape this time for The Traveler, indicating that the pair have come this close before.

This is reminiscent of The Taken King expansion for Destiny 1 when The Awoken battled Oryx in the rings of Saturn. This led to a new area to explore, the Dreadnaught. While the battle with The Witness takes place near Earth, where The Traveler is protecting Guardians, the true fight to beat The Witness and take down its forces takes place on Neptune, far from anywhere players have known before. We can even see Pyramid ships approaching the planet, showing that after The Witness does whatever it’s going to do near Earth, it’s moving on immediately to try to beat Guardians to this weapon.

Destiny 2 Lightfall will be released tomorrow. The expansion marks the start of a new year for Destiny 2 content and the Season of Defiance. During this season, players will be battling against Calus’ forces on Earth since the Cabal has teamed up with The Witness in an attempt to gain the glory he believes he deserves.