What is the release date for Destiny 2: Lightfall?

More darkness powers are on the way with Lightfall.

Image via Bungie’s YouTube

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion will be the beginning of the end for Guardians. Calus will bring a massive army for the Witness, an ancient enemy to Guardians and the Traveler, attempting to bring on a second Collapse. The Lightfall expansion will also take players to Neptune as they explore this previously unexplored world. Here’s what you need to know about the release date for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

When will Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion release?

During Bungie’s Destiny 2 Showcase on August 23, it was revealed that Lightfall would be coming out on February 28, 2023. You have several months to prepare for Lightfall, giving you the chance to explore the latest Guardian Darkness power, Strand, where you can traverse using this new power. You can use Strand as a grappling hook, allowing you to explore more of your environment, especially on Neptune, a previously untouched world that survived the first Collapse, and has remained hidden until this point.

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Image via Destiny 2 YouTube

While on Neptune, Calus’ army will be roaming around the map, invading the planet and the capital city, Neomuna. While on this world, you’ll encounter Cloudstriders who are natives of this planet. While they are not exactly like Guardians, they have a similar role.

The Lightfall expansion will be a significant moment for the Destiny 2 community. Here, the pinnacle enemy that has been hunting the Light for years will arrive in the Solar System again, giving a new generation of Guardians an opportunity to fight back. What Bungie has planned after this point will also be explored in Lightfall.

The pre-order for Lightfall will arrive a few months before the official release of this expansion in Destiny 2.