This upcoming Hogwarts Legacy VR mod is your acceptance letter for life at Hogwarts

The Unreal Engine mod also enables VR in Fortnite.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Despite the game’s official launch still being a day away, one modder is already hard at work bringing VR to Hogwarts Legacy. The mod, which is being developed using Unreal Engine, also enables VR inside matches in Fortnite and will provide a compellingly fresh way to play both games.

The developer behind this mod, Praydog, has also managed to bring VR to other games such as Resident Evil 2 Remake. This new mod dubbed the ‘UE VR Injector,’ should enable VR support for most games that use Unreal Engine. PC Gamer originally shared the news after footage of the mod running in-game appeared on Reddit.

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The only way to get your hands on this mod is by signing up for Praydog’s Patreon. This is also where you’ll gain access to their other projects, including the Fortnite VR mod, when it’s complete.

At the time of writing, this mod has no support for motion controls. This means it’s a visual mod only for now, though motion controls will most likely be the next thing Praydog works on. Even from this short gameplay video, it’s possible to see how much detail is missed playing the game on consoles or PC from a third-person perspective. For example, you can see much more of each painting’s animation, catch hidden puzzles or chests instead of running past them, and really see the freckles on the faces of your classmates. However, playing in VR does mean that you’ll miss out on seeing the face you spent so long crafting in the game’s character creator. Given that the game is a third-person title, it’s surprising how well this VR mod works.

Mods like Praydog’s are passion projects that VR enthusiasts are extremely excited about. They show us what open-world games with VR support could look like when done right. However, the cost of VR devices is a barrier to entry many can’t cross. Only recently, Sony announced it had halved its forecast for PlayStation VR2 due to a lack of pre-order interest, likely a result of the price and cost of living crisis. If VR devices came down in price and more mods and games like Hogwarts Legacy VR began to surface, that could change.