How to create Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy’s character creator

With a few tweaks in the character creator, Hogwarts Legacy players can roleplay as the iconic wizard protagonist, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Character Creation in Hogwarts Legacy

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While many new students in magic will doubtless want to experience Hogwarts Legacy with their own original character, some might wish to roleplay as the iconic wizard himself, Harry Potter. After all, it is hard not to imagine the boarding school of witches and wizards without the one after whom the entire lore of Hogwarts is centered and named. Nevertheless, while Hogwarts Legacy’s in-game character creator offers much variety, it lacks detailed customization, making the process of creating a Harry Potter representation somewhat challenging.

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Can you play as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy? | Creating Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

Presets for Creating a Harry Potter Character in Hogwarts Legacy
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The main dispute that will likely sire in fans’ minds when creating Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy is whether the character should be made based on the books or the appearance played by the renowned Daniel Radcliffe. For simplicity’s sake, we will cover how to create a character more akin to Daniel’s version of Harry, but a few points will be made about the wizard protagonist’s looks in the novels. Whatever the case, to get started, you can pick the male figure on Row 1 Column 4 of the Presets screen.

Harry Potter Facewear in Hogwarts Legacy

Facewear Options for Creating a Harry Potter Character in Hogwarts Legacy
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For your Harry Potter character’s Facewear in Hogwarts Legacy, the default Face Shape that came with the Preset selected above will suffice. It should be noted that the books mentioned he had a “thin face,” but Daniel has always had a charming “baby-fat” look that gives his face a youthful demeanor. If you want a less “chubby” look, Row 4 Column 5 is a good alternative. Be sure to make the Skin Color as pale as possible and give your Harry Potter his signature round spectacles.

Harry Potter Hairstyles in Hogwarts Legacy

Hairstyle Options for Creating a Harry Potter Character in Hogwarts Legacy
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Choosing Harry’s Hairstyle in Hogwarts Legacy is tricky, as it will depend on preference and if you aim to stay true to the books. Row 9 Column 3 is an excellent match for Harry Potter’s appearance during the latter stages of his journey, with the default Hair Colour of the selected Preset being a good fit. Nonetheless, giving him raven “black hair” would be more akin to what the books say about his looks. Moreover, if the recommended Hairstyle is too short, consider swapping to another great option, Row 2 Column 5, which gives Harry’s head more volume.

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Harry Potter Complexion in Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter does not have notable Freckles, Moles, or Blemishes, so you can keep the Complexion sliders all the way to the left in Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, the selection of Scars and Markings does not give us Harry’s iconic “lightning bolt” for your character’s forehead. Therefore, the closest thing to that feature would be the fork-shaped Scar on Row 2 Column 4. Looking at it from the side, it can appear like a lightning bolt in Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter Eyebrows in Hogwarts Legacy

Eyebrows Options for Creating a Harry Potter Character in Hogwarts Legacy
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The best pick for Harry Potter’s Eyebrows in Hogwarts Legacy is Row 2 Column 1. The Eyebrow Colour does not need to be changed, but the choice regarding Eye Colour will depend on if you prefer Daniel Radcliffe’s light blue eyes or the book’s “bright-green eyes.” Whatever your choice, the result should be a terrific lookalike for your playable Harry Potter.