Treyarch tease Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s final Zombies map

The finale for this cycle is coming.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Image via Activision

Treyarch has given us our first look at the final round-based Zombies map that will appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and when we can play it, sort of.  The studio tweeted out the following image while hashtagging that the map will release at the start of Season 6, although we do not know exactly when that is yet.

Whatever the new map is called, we know that it will take place in Ukraine at a place called Test Site Anna. There is intel in the game that has a scrap of a map that shows the location of the test site, but if you go to Firebase Z, there is a full map where you can see all Omega test sites. If you then convert that to a real-world map, it is placed in Ukraine.

The image shows a building being reused from the campaign mission Operation Redlight, Greenlight, also based in Ukraine. It is not uncommon for Treyarch to reuse campaign assets to make Zombies maps in Black Ops Cold War. All past round-based maps have had assets pulled from the campaign except for Die Maschine, so we should not expect this one to have a dip in quality when compared to the others.

Over on Treyarch’s Facebook page, they released this separate image which hints at what Omega is doing this time around. They have been building a device that can reach into the Dark Aether and find the Forsaken, an entity that we know has taken over the body of Aleksandra Valentina’s father from Mauer Der Toten. However, we have yet to see him. Omega wants to trap the Forsaken and use his powers to win the Cold War against Requiem.

Image via Treyarch

Speaking speculatively, we would imagine the update will come toward the beginning of October. The main Easter egg quest will likely involve finding and shutting down this machine before having a boss fight with the Forsaken.