While Fishing in Minecraft, Twitch Streamer Gets Mocked by His Catch

Mocked by Catch Minecraft Twitch Streamer

Games have a funny way of giving us exactly what we don’t need, as this Twitch streamer learned as he ate his words while fishing in Minecraft.

Twitch streamer Ogmemeking was talking to his friends in the game about visiting a house to see if they had any decent swords or enchantment books in their chests. Ogmemeking was searching for a better sword than the one he recently acquired, which had a knockback ability to it.

For those who don’t know, an item with knockback increases the distance a player or enemy goes when hit by it. If an item has a knockback of two, they will go back two blocks away.

It wasn’t an ability Ogmemeking was hoping to have on his weapon. “I wish I had any other sword in the game,” he says. While Ogmemeking’s friend rushes off to check, Ogmemeking aimlessly tosses his fishing lure into the water and patiently waits.

After a short amount of silence and waiting, Ogmemeking’s fishing bobber goes down, and he casually pulls in his catch, which was an enchantment book. His luck may have turned for the better, but when he checks to see what it is in his inventory, he can’t help but laugh as he sees it’s an enchantment book for… Knockback II.

It’s difficult not to find joy in the entire setup. You can check out the clip of the whole exchange below to see it for yourself.