COD Mobile Leaks Suggest New Weapons, Prop Hunt, Winter Raid Coming Soon

COD Mobile Winter Raid

The holiday celebration is continuing in Call of Duty Mobile, with new winter-themed content dropping soon. Two updates have already released in December, bringing fans some new events, updates to the battle royale map, and gameplay additions.

Although, COD Mobile isn’t done delivering content to fans before the holidays conclude. According to leaks, the game will receive two new weapons, two characters, Prop Hunt, and the long-awaited arrival of Winter Raid. @CODMobileLeaks has all of the details and leaked images.

If the leaks are true, then COD Mobile battle royale will feature the HS2126 shotgun and UL736 LMG as available weapons starting Dec. 20. Also coming are two new characters, Terbaru Gaz and Lucky Draw.

However, the two main attractions supposedly releasing tomorrow are Prop Hunt and Winter Raid. Prop Hunt is the fan-favorite game mode where one team transforms into items on the map in order to hide from the opposing team. Winter Raid simply applies a winter makeover to the Raid map already in COD Mobile.

There is currently no set time for this update to go live.