Ubisoft disproportionally raises pay across multiple dev teams

The pay raises are meant to prevent more people from leaving the company.

Image via Ubisoft

According to a report from Kotaku, staff at Ubisoft’s Canadian studios have received pay raises. Ubisoft has been suffering lately due to several high experienced developers leaving the company, and the pay raises are meant to encourage the developers that they still have to stay with them.

However, ABetterUbisoft — a group that consists of current and former Ubisoft employees who are looking for ways to create change within the company — has reported the pay raises are disproportionally dispensed among the senior and junior staff. The junior staff is expected to only receive a 5% to 7% pay raise, while the senior staff may receive a 20% pay raise.

Kotaku quotes ABetterUbisoft that the pay raises “do absolutely nothing to address the key demands” for the group. The group also feels like the pay raises are “exacerbating the gap between the highly and low paid workers.” The group earlier in the year sent in a letter to Ubisoft that demanded changes to the workplace. The letter comes about after it was reported that the company has been accused of sexual misconduct among staff and promoting a toxic workplace.

ABetterUbisoft isn’t the only group consisting of employees of the game industry that is demanding changes within the gaming sphere. ABetterABK is another group that is working on ways to change Activision Blizzard King. The Twitter account for ABetterABK shared stories from former Blizzard employees that showcases the issues that the game industry has at large.