Generation V Unova Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go Sept. 16

 Generation V Unova Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go Sept. 16

Pokémon Go’s Ultra Bonus challenge was announced. Hidden in that overwhelming amount of new information was the addition of Unova Pokémon. Week 3, beginning September 16, will introduce some Pokémon found originally in Unova.

Pokémon Go announced last week that an Ultra Bonus challenge awaited players, holding off on the details. This week, the details of the Ultra Bonus were finally unveiled. The third week holds a little gem for fans of the National Dex. New Pokémon from the Unova region will start to appear, spanning three weeks, with several bonuses.

The video from Pokémon Go’s Twitter highlights all three weeks while the website provides exact details.

Other than the expected double incubator effectiveness, Mewtwo will begin to appear in raids. Mewtwo, shiny or otherwise, will have Psystrike added to his already impressive movepool. There’s a chance to encounter a shiny Mewtwo in raids during the week, although he is quite the ugly green boy in his shiny variation.

Other than Mewtwo, Unova Pokémon will begin to appear. The video highlights the three starter Pokémon while the website mentions Klink, Patrat, and Lillipup. Klink will appear in raids and has also may be shiny. Players may also encounter a shiny Lillipup and Patrat throughout the week.

Pokémon Go’s Ultra Bonus event kicks off September 2, with the Unova Pokémon beginning September 16.