Upcoming State of Play lineup may include Final Fantasy XVI and Gotham Knights, possible leak claims

Updated websites might have a deeper meaning.

Image via Square Enix

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The next PlayStation State of Play stream is soon: it’s happening on Wednesday, October 27, at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET/10 PM BST. We don’t have long to wait, but we might already have an idea of what’s coming in the presentation.

That’s thanks to comments from ResetEra user Angie. Take the following information with a hefty grain of salt, but the possible State of Play lineup sounds pretty substantial. Angie first commented on the main Final Fantasy 16 thread, pointing out that the game is getting a new PlayStation Store page. These sorts of updates often come before big announcements, as any new information would need to be included in the official listing. The upcoming State of Play is certainly a qualified place for something like a price or release date.

Final Fantasy 16 isn’t the only game that got a bump: later in the same thread, Angie pointed out that listings for Gotham Knights, Gollum, Tchia, and the next Dark Pictures title had also been remade. Another game, The Voice of Cards, had its existing page updated. In Gotham Knights’ case, the recent Court of Owls trailer could be the reason for the revamp, but all these page updates are still very intriguing.

Again, this is all just a speculated leak at this point — nothing here is confirmed for a State of Play appearance by any means. Luckily we only have to wait a few days to see the presentation for ourselves.