Gotham Knights reveals Court of Owls action in new trailer

Bats vs Owls.

Gotham Knights

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

DC FanDome released a trailer for the highly anticipated Gotham Knights video game by WB Games Montréal. The game will star Batman allies Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin as they team up to take down the Court of Owls. The Court is a secret organization that has been running Gotham for centuries and has been existing right underneath Batman’s nose.

The newest trailer for Gotham Knights gives viewers the clearest look at how the Court of Owls will look in the game. Based on the trailer, the Knights locate the Owls in a huge structure that is a mixture of a mansion, dungeon, and a labyrinth. The four Knights get separated and need to traverse the structure. They fight against the Talons, the Court’s enforcers who dress up as a black owls.

After the trailer was released on FanDome, a behind-the-feature video was played that went into the Gotham Knights story and the creation of the Court of Owls in the comics. The video had Court of Owls co-creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and the two of them go into detail on how Gotham Knights will implement the Court into its narrative.

Gotham Knights is an RPG and action game hybrid similar to the Batman Arkham games, but the developers claim that Knights will not take place in the same universe as Arkham. Knights was originally revealed in DC FanDome 2020 and was delayed to sometime in 2022.