Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf are now Available to Catch in Pokémon Go | How to Capture Them

Niantic has just surprise released Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf into Pokémon GO in what has become a game first.

Unlike most legendary Pokémon that appear at Legendary Raids dotted around the globe, these three Pokémon are the first in the world to be added into the game as wild Pokémon, catchable in the world rather than through a raid. They were added into the game late last night while most of the world was sleeping and trainers have begun sighting them in various areas.

Some early reports suggest that they appear to be Regional with Azelf having been reported in America, Mesprit in Europe and Uxie only in Japan at present. They also seem to usually spawn near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans.

The release of the Pokémon coincides with a host of different events happening in Pokémon Go at the moment. The game is currently celebrating Earth Day with the increased spawn rate of Ground-type Pokémon and a Shiny Diglett. Groudon is also a part of Raids, and the game is gearing up for its next line of research breakthrough Pokémon.

There are also a bunch of Pokémon Go fests on the horizon with Shellos also being added to the game (finally). In short, there is a lot to be excited about on Pokémon Go at the moment.