Voting for Pokémon Go June and July Community Day Pokémon is live right now

Vote for your favorite before time runs out.

Image via Niantic

Fans of Pokémon Go have the chance to choose from four different Pokémon to become June and July’s Community Day selection. You can choose from Squirtle, Gastly, Weedle, or Sandshrew, which will have the regular and Alolan versions available.

To do this, you need to jump over to Pokémon Go’s official Twitter page, reply to the tread on the page, and use the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay with your reply stating which of the four you want to vote for at that time. The one that receives the most votes will be June’s Community Day Pokémon, and the one with the second-highest will be July’s.

Each of the Pokémon will be able to learn an event-exclusive move it could not learn before if you evolve it to their final form during or before two hours after the Community Day event.

  • Squirtle – If you evolve one all the way to Blastoise, it can learn aura sphere.
  • Weedle – If you evolve one all the way to Beedrill, it will be able to learn drill run.
  • Sandshrew – If you evolve one all the way to Sandslash or Alolan Sandlash, it can learn shadow claw.
  • Gastly – If you evolve one all the way up to Gengar it can learn shadow punch.

Those who vote will need a Twitter account to reply to the official Pokémon Go page to ensure it counts towards their ideal choice. The voting thread started on May 23 at 6pm PST and will continue until May 24 at 6pm before voting closes.