Winter Nexus is coming to EVE Online on December 10

Volatile Ice Storms are just the beginning of a blizzard of bonuses

Image via CCP

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EVE Online is getting a taste of the holiday season. The developers have announced the Winter Nexus, which includes a number of events and bonuses for players to celebrate the arrival of winter.

You’ll find Volatile Ice Storms in High, Low, and Null Security Space, which will also bring ice mining, hacking, and combat for Wightstorm. Rewards for navigating the ice storms include blueprints for for the Rapture pirate implant set, Cerebral Accelerators, ship SKINs, and rare faction modules.

Beginning on December 10 and through January 5, login rewards are available for the 13 days of Nexus. You can look forward to snowball crates, Ice Storm Filaments, and as many as 250,000 skill points. Rewards are available across non-consecutive days, in case you break your login streak.

Daily challenges, the return of the Chilling Spree, Ice Storm Filaments, Yoiul SKINs and the Abyssal Proving Grounds round out the Winter Nexus.