With Mario Strikers: Battle League coming soon, Mario Tennis Aces fans lament “dumb online decision” about costumes

There’s no ‘love’ for locked outfits.

Image via Nintendo

Next up on the Mario Sports docket is Mario Strikers: Battle League. While plenty of players were excited to see the game’s gear, clubs, and brutal mechanics showcased recently, others have concerns about potential locked content. Mario Tennis Aces restricts its new outfits to online play, and that’s causing problems.

ResetEra user Benzychenz shared a “mini rant” on the popular gaming forum that lays out the issue. “Locking outfits to online was a dumb decision,” it reads. “The online is fragmented into regional servers. The matchmaking puts you with similar ranked players, which means if there are people playing at the higher tiers, a new owner cannot play with them.” The problem is quite clear: if you’re new to the game, there need to be new players in your region to match with. Otherwise, you simply can’t play online and earn the game’s rotating roster of unlockable outfits.

Most Mario Tennis Aces players were getting beginners’ tips back in 2018 when the game launched, so finding any match is likely going to be difficult nowadays. Benzychenz says they left the game running for an hour without matching with another player.

This has raised concern about Mario Strikers: Battle League, which will also offer online modes. “As much as I hate to admit it, Mario Strikers will have the same fate too,” user Saladin predicts later in the thread. “Strikers offers little hope for me of that changing,” concurs fellow forum poster Yerffej. We don’t know exactly how much gear and content Mario Strikers players will be able to unlock, but there are plenty of confirmed characters in the soccer game. There’s certainly potential for the same problem.

It won’t be too long before we find out, since the game’s release date is less than a month away. Mario Strikers: Battle League launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Friday, June 10.