Xbox is collaborating with the Los Angeles Lakers to give Master Chief his own NBA jersey

The bundle is only available in-person at the Team LA store.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Over the past few months, Xbox has aggressively pursued all sorts of cross-brand partnerships to promote Halo Infinite, the latest entry in Xbox’s flagship series. We’ve seen Halo-themed Pringles, Rockstar Energy Drink cans, and Razer gaming peripherals, but the franchise’s latest crossover is perhaps the most unexpected one so far.

The Los Angeles Lakers unveiled today an exclusive “Lakers Master Chief 117” bundle featuring a figurine of the Chief himself, an Xbox controller adorning the Lakers’ color scheme, and a Lakers jersey featuring Master Chief’s title, as well as his callsign, 117, printed on it. Considering Master Chief is canonically 7 feet 2 inches tall, it’s a wonder the Lakers didn’t sign him until now.

The bundle cannot be purchased online; it’s only available at the STAPLES Center Team LA store, and moreover, it goes on sale starting Friday at 1:17 PM PST, which is roughly three hours following its announcement. If you’re interested in getting the bundle, but located outside of the LA area, you might be out of luck depending on how fast this sells.

As strange of a crossover as this is, it’s a surprisingly good deal at $139.99. Xbox controllers typically run for $69.99, while sports jerseys often go for over $100. LeBron James’ Lakers jersey is currently $109.99 on the NBA store. Granted, the one featured in the bundle isn’t a real player’s jersey, but it’s still Nike-branded, and such apparel is more often than not rather expensive.