What are the Rockstar rewards for Halo Infinite?

You can get different rewards depending on who you buy from.

Halo Infinite and Rockstar Energy Drink promotion

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite’s partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink boasts some limited-edition cans featuring illustrations by renowned artists, but the promotion also packs a lot of in-game rewards. The rewards vary depending on who you’re buying from, and they include double XP multipliers, challenge swaps, and vehicle/weapons coatings.

For every can of Rockstar you buy, you’ll find a code under each can’s tab that can be redeemed on the company’s website. After entering in the code, Rockstar will give you another code that you can redeem on Halo Waypoint for your items to show up in-game.

In the United States, every can will give you a double XP token, alongside a bonus item that changes with each code you redeem.

  • 1st code: Double XP and two challenge swaps
  • 2nd code: Double XP and an Assault Rifle coating
  • 3rd code: Double XP and two challenge swaps
  • 4th code: Double XP and an Warthog coating
  • 5th code: Double XP and two challenge swaps
  • 6th code: Double XP and a Gravity Hammer emblem
  • 7th code and beyond: Double XP and two challenge swaps

In Canada, the promotion is nearly identical, except that redeeming the eighth code will get you a coating for your Razorback, alongside the standard double XP multiplier.

If you buy your cans through Circle K, you’ll receive your code via text message at checkout, according to the promotion’s terms and conditions. Upon redeeming the first code, you’ll get five challenge swaps and a Razorback coating. Any codes redeemed beyond that will only be rewarded with five challenge swaps.

If you order a 12-pack of Rockstar cans through Amazon, you’ll receive a code for each can that’ll get you three challenge swaps; in total, you’ll have 36 challenge swaps after every code has been redeemed. However, it’s worth noting that no XP multipliers or coatings are included when purchasing from this retailer.