Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fans want to see a Switch remaster of Chronicles X

X gon’ give it to ya again.

Image via Nintendo

Xenoblade 3 is a transcendent RPG, and its critical success has a lot of longtime Xeno fans thinking about the future of the series. There are plenty of places the Xeno games could go, from new adventures to revisiting classic releases.

ResetEra member MrMegaMill took to the popular gaming forum to ask fans what they want next from the series. Their poll includes three different options: a remake of the original Xenogears, a remaster of Xenosaga or Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a new or rebooted game. As of the time of this writing, the second option is leading the poll. Voters want to see Xenosaga or Chronicles X given a new coat of paint.

Both are good choices for potential remasters. Xenosaga Episode I is 20 years old at this point, having initially launched on PS2 in 2002. Those familiar with the Xenoblade Chronicles timeline know that X is so far unconnected to the rest of the games — a non-canon DLC character in Chronicles 2 is the only connective tissue. As such, X could be remastered without worrying about mucking up the overall story, though it could also be a good way to canonically tie it to the other games.

There’s already a precedent for this. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition proved that the game is still fantastic 10 years later, now in its third incarnation on Nintendo Switch. It also introduced Future Connected, an epilogue that outlined the series’ “future.” A remaster of X could do the same thing for an otherwise unconnected game in the franchise. At the very least, the ResetEra poll proves there’s an appetite for more Xeno games.

For those who’ve been playing the recent Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we have plenty of guides if you’re looking for a little help. Segiri is one of the harder heroes in the game to acquire, and we can show you how to recruit her.