XSET Reworks Innuendo Bingo for ALGS Champs, and it’s Better Than the Original

As part of a skit to break up the games, XSET recorded a fun video of Apex Legends-themed Innuendo Bingo that went down well.

apex legends innuendo bingo

Screenshot via ALGS Esports

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship 2023 is like any sporting event. There are breaks between matches and when groups need to switch over regularly throughout the tournament to get through every battle. During the downtime, while these switches are happening and to give fans a break, the broadcast talent and ALGS organization have put together videos to cover the gap.

One of today’s videos, a short skit with team XSET, was a blast from the past for UK fans. It saw the team play and Apex Legends version of Innuendo Bingo, but instead of innuendos, two players had to try not to laugh while the third told them Apex Legends-themed one-liners.

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XSET Played Innuendo Bingo at ALGS Champs 2023 in an Incredibly One-Sided Match

The skit starts roughly at the 1:30:00 mark in the ALGS Champs 2023 Day 1 video. The goal is for the two players being told Apex one-liners to hold water in their mouths and not laugh. If they do, they’ll end up spraying water all over themselves and their opponent.

We suggest watching the entire thing to get an idea of how cheesy some of these one-liners are. Regardless of how funny we thought they were, Nocturnal either didn’t think so or was able to keep his cool enough to win every round. Opponent Sikezz couldn’t help but laugh at the mere anticipation of an incoming joke.

The best part of the entire video comes towards the end while the team is discussing why Nocturnal is winning every round. Hodsic jumps in, telling the others, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laugh, actually.” After that, Sikezz broke down and unleashed quite the puddle at his feet. Even Nocturnal cracked a smile, just barely containing the tsunami of bottled water behind his lips.

This video should be even funnier for British ALGS fans because it’s based on a game BBC Radio 1 hosts Chris Stark and Scott Mills used to play called Innuendo Bingo. The only difference is that the radio version was played with innuendos instead of Apex Legends jokes.

Unfortunately, the game naturally came to an end after more than a decade following the COVID-19 pandemic. After that, most celebrities and guests were understandably hesitant to play a game where they might get sprayed with water from another person’s mouth. Given that XSET is a close-knit team who are always around each other, though, they felt no such hesitation.