You can now preload Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass

Start preparing to clean up those ridden.

Back 4 Blood

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Turtle Rock Studios’ latest co-operative shooter, Back 4 Blood, is now available for download on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re wondering how much space it’ll take up, the Standard Edition weighs in at 34.09GB on Xbox Series X. There are also Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, both taking up 43.3GB according to the official store page.

Published by Warner Bros. Games and positioned as somewhat of a spiritual successor to Turtle Rock’s hugely popular Left 4 Dead franchise, Back 4 Blood officially releases October 12. Users that pre-purchase the game or own Game Pass can play it the night before at 8 PM. It was previously reported as phasing out the competitive multiplayer modes offered in its spiritual predecessors in favor of co-op only gameplay. In the time since that controversial announcement, though, a competitive multiplayer offering was announced.

The co-op campaign supports two to four players with each character featuring their own starting loadouts and specialties, feeding into the game’s card system. The PVP mode, Swarm, offers up to eight players. In it, teams of four fight as either the Cleaners (the humans) or the Ridden (zombie-like creatures), fending off against each other in a best of three match to see which side lasts the longest.

Back 4 Blood also offers full cross-play between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.