You can’t farm Pastor Walsh in New World anymore following spawn rate patch

No more boomstick for you.

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Image by Amazon Game Studios

The 1.1 update for New World prepares for the inevitable arrival of the server transfer system, preparing players for their chance to find their forever-home server following the game’s hectic release. The patch also slipped in a spawn fix for Pastor Walsh, an elite enemy that players could encounter in Brightwood with a spawning error. Players quickly discovered that Pastor Walsh had spawning error, turning the massive beast into a loot fountain, so long as they hit it at least once.

Paster Walsh had a problem where it would spawn back into the game immediately after being killed within a few seconds. The exploit was quickly discovered by players, and many likely used it alongside one another to farm him for some decent gear. So long as a player landed a handful of hits on Walsh, they receive a little bit of weapon XP and a chance to loot any gear it dropped.

Granted, Pastor Walsh was a level 28 elite mob, so it never dropped anything absolutely game-breaking, but plenty of players likely looted his elite weapon, the Pastor’s Boomstick. The gun was also a bind on pickup, so players couldn’t flood the marketplace by selling it, but it was an excellent weapon for those going down the musket tree. With the 1.1 update, the Pastor Walsh killing spree comes to an end. Having visited him ourselves, Pastor Walsh still spawns in less than a minute after death, but it wasn’t at the ridiculous rate it previously had.

The elite spawn rate was one of the few growing pains the Amazon Games development team had to endure through its first week of launch. That said, it was a relatively smooth launch, as MMOs go. Many players are waiting for the server transfer update, which is the next big thing coming to New World, hopefully, later this week.