You will be able to watch some Christopher Nolan movies in Fortnite this weekend

Grab your popcorn.

Fortnite Arena

Because the world has become a very strange place, you will be able to watch some Christopher Nolan movies in Fortnite this weekend. Nolan, the highly-regarded director of movies like Momento, Dunkirk, and the Batman series has always been famously in love with the idea of the theater experience, which is what makes it so strange to see his films show up in Fortnite in this way.

Has the pandemic made Nolan comfortable with the idea of someone watching his movies in a video game, or is this simply shrewd marketing from a movie studio that has little to do with the man himself? Our money is on the latter. Exactly what movie you can watch, and when, is all dependent on where you live. Fortunately, Epic has you covered. You can head to this page, scroll to the bottom, and select your country of residence and it will tell you what you can watch, and at what time. If you country is not listed, then Epic were unable to secure broadcast rights for your region, and we fear you shall have to sit this one out.

If you live in America, for example, you will be able to watch Inception on Friday, June 26 at 1:00 PM GM+1. Players in Canada will instead be able to watch The Prestige on the same day at 5:00 pm GMT+1. If you ask us, the Canadians are getting the better deal there, as The Prestige is still Nolan’s best work. Just head to the Party Royale mode to watch the screenings at the listed times.

This is not the only upcoming event in Fortnite, however, as they also have a live show coming up from Thomas Wesley, Young Thug, and Noah Cyrus. You can make your way to the big screen in Party Royale mode on Friday, June 26 at 2:00 AM GMT+1 to take in the sights and sounds of the “Diplo Presents” show.